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The Law Offices of Rick Narvaiz bring a wide range of experience, permitting us to provide service in many areas of the law. As a graduate of Harvard Law, Attorney Rick Narvaiz concentrates on litigation cases and transactions involving Business and Contract Law, Commercial Law, Construction Law and Real Estate Law.

Legal proceedings and even business transactions and negotiations frequently can cause stress and anxiety for clients. We can relieve this stress for you by building a solid plan that is based on the unique details of your circumstances, by performing intensive research and document preparation to meet your needs and objectives and by fully explaining the details of the laws governing your transaction or litigation case.


Whether you are involved in a real estate transaction, struggling with a business dispute or fighting unfair employment practices, Mr. Narvaiz will offer practical solutions at a reasonable rate. For over the past three decades, Mr. Narvaiz has represented clients in the following areas:

  • REAL ESTATE LAW - Commercial and residential real estate transactions and litigation involve significant research and thorough preparation. Mr. Narvaiz will guide you through real estate transactions and litigation, including construction litigation, in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.
  • BUSINESS LAW - From the initial business formation (Limited Liability Company, Corporation or Partnership) through dispute resolution, business transactions and business litigation, small and medium-sized companies encounter legal struggles every day. Attorney Narvaiz can meet your needs for a General Counsel, while providing experienced guidance for business owners at a reasonable cost.
  • EMPLOYMENT LAW - Employees and employers often struggle with employment contracts, severance agreements and dispute resolution. Mr. Narvaiz provides practical guidance and helps employment law clients accomplish their goals.
  • CONTRACTS - A properly constructed contract can provide significant protection. Attorney Narvaiz assists employers, business owners and real estate clients with experienced contract drafting and review in a wide variety of business areas.
  • CIVIL LITIGATION - Resolving disputes quickly and cost-effectively is important for everyone. The firm will represent your interests in negotiation and trial regarding real estate disputes and business litigation.
Each of these legal issues can have a serious impact on your financial well-being and that of your business. We take an objective view of your case and provide the representation you need to reach a fair and cost-effective resolution of your case. Call 301-628-2066 to schedule a free phone consultation with Attorney Narvaiz.

Our Commitment to Value

Our commitment to our clients is to provide them the best legal advice and legal representation possible.

Our goal is to listen to our clients and provide them creative yet practical legal solutions.

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