Business Litigation and Business Transactions


  • “BUSINESS DIVORCE” LITIGATION: At times, business owners do not agree on the value of their respective shares in a business, or whether the business should continue to operate. In that case, the partners, shareholders or co-owners of the corporation or limited liability company may have to submit all of their complaints to a court to sort out the issues. It is essential that the owner’s attorney understand the litigation process and the business as well. Mr. Narvaiz is highly experienced in these kinds of business disputes and has successfully negotiated many difficult cases to a satisfactory resolution for his clients.

  • RECEIVERSHIPS IN BUSINESS DISPUTES: A receiver (who acts like a trustee) may need to be appointed to manage the business or sell it. Mr. Narvaiz’s experience includes petitioning the courts to appoint a receiver under circumstances that warrant it.

  • INJUNCTIONS and RESTRAINING ORDERS: In urgent circumstances, Mr. Narvaiz has acted quickly with his clients to obtain an injunction or restraining order to prevent loss or damage to a business or a business property.

  • BUSINESS FRAUD, BREACH OF CONTRACT, TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE WITH CONTRACT: Mr. Narvaiz has successfully litigated cases involving business fraud, breach of commercial contracts, tortious interference with contracts or business opportunities on behalf of his business clients.


If you are purchasing or selling a business OR the assets of a business, Mr. Narvaiz will make certain that:

  • All relevant information about the business, its assets and its liabilities are properly – and clearly – disclosed to the Buyer;

  • The terms and conditions of the purchase are explicitly stated in the contractual documents, to eliminate misunderstandings by the parties;

  • All of the company’s liabilities are disclosed and researched, to provide maximum protection to the Buyer and to honestly require the Seller to disclose any problems that may exist with the assets being acquired;

  • Non-competition and Non-Disclosure Agreements between the parties are in place prior to closing;

  • If business real estate is involved (by purchase or transfer of a commercial lease), that all title and transfer issues are resolved before closing; and

  • That both parties provide warranties to the other that will protect their interests before, during and after closing.

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Employees and employers often struggle with employment contracts, severance agreements and dispute resolution. Mr. Narvaiz provides practical guidance and helps employment law clients accomplish their goals.


Buyers and Sellers of both often can come to an agreement about the purchase price and other terms and conditions involving a purchase and sale of real estate. They may decide that the services of a real estate broker are not necessary and that by obtaining the services of an experienced attorney, they can save 5% or 6% on the total transaction cost by not having to pay a realtor’s commission.


Mr. Narvaiz has been representing both Buyers and Sellers in these “For Sale By Owner” transactions with great success. The key to his success is excellence in communication skills, fairness to both Buyers and Sellers, and a keen understanding of the sale process, from initial negotiations through closing. Call 301-628-2066 to discuss your purchase or sale of commercial and residential property with Attorney Narvaiz.