Civil Litigation in Kensington, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia

Overview of Civil Litigation

Civil lawsuits seek compensation for plaintiffs in cases in which their contract rights, property rights or other legal rights under state or federal laws have been violated or for personal property or real property of theirs that has been damaged or destroyed. Common civil claims include: Breach of contract, negligence, fraud or property damage.

Civil Litigation involves a formal proceeding which can be filed in the trial courts in states or in the District of Columbia. In Maryland and Virginia, the trial court is the "Circuit Court" and in the District of Columbia, it is the "Superior Court." These courts usually handle large claims (over $15,000 in damages) or claims in which a party seeks special relief that only that court may grant, such as injunctions (orders to a defendant to stop them from some harmful activity) or to declare legal rights over which there is a dispute. The District Court of Maryland, the General District in Virginia and the Small Claims Branch of the D.C. Superior Court handle small claims. The federal court system is also available for monetary damages claims over $75,000 and involving parties in different states or between parties in the same state when federal law is involved.

At the Law Offices of Rick Narvaiz, civil litigation specialists work closely with you to understand the process of filing and preparing for trial in a civil lawsuit. We are extremely experienced in organizing the documents and testimony that will support your civil law claims and in filing your claims in the appropriate court. We will make sure that your claim has a solid foundation in the facts and under the applicable law, so that you can get the equitable relief (such as an injunction or a declaration from the court of your legal rights) and/or the damages that you deserve to be paid.

Who Can File a Civil Lawsuit?

Civil lawsuits can be filed by individual citizens, who are plaintiffs. A plaintiff may file a civil claim for breaches of contract, damages to their property or for other purposes under the law for claims against other individual defendants or corporations. Companies also can file civil lawsuits against other companies for breaches of contract or "torts" - when the defendant causes harm or monetary damages to the plaintiff.

Civil Law Cases and Standard of Proof

If you believe you have been harmed, either physically or financially, by the actions of another person or a company, you should contact the Law Offices of Rick Narvaiz. We have an established record of excellence in providing insightful legal advice and implementing a legal strategy that will accomplish your goals as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

When to Consult a Litigation Lawyer

If you have been intentionally harmed or affected directly by another person's behavior, or lack of action, it's very important to seek the advice of a certified litigation lawyer with Kensington, MD expertise and an established track record. The more quickly you connect with a quality litigation lawyer, the better.

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