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The Law Offices of Rick Narvaiz knows there is no substitute for proven results when it comes to knowing and maneuvering through the intricacies of property law. Our mandate is to help you achieve successful results, whether you are purchasing a home, a commercial property or leasing commericial space for your business.

Our detail-oriented team formulates intelligent real estate plans and allows you to take advantage of investment opportunities in the real estate market. Our focus is on your goals and providing you legal protection to give you the confidence to make high impact decisions involving real estate transactions.

How Can a Real Estate Lawyer From our Team Help You?

Our top property lawyers have been working with individuals and businesses in Kensington, MD for over thirty a number of years offering expert legal guidance in many areas of real estate law. Our practice areas, include:

  • Commercial and residential real estate
  • Contract drafting and dispute resolution
  • Leases
  • Property management
  • Titles and deeds
  • Civil litigation
  • Permits
  • Financing
  • Construction

If you have questions about a property transaction you're considering, it is crucial to seek the help of an experienced attorney. Our reputation for being thorough and detail-oriented property attorneys is well deserved, and we work tirelessly to advance and protect your interests, mitigate risks and help you achieve your objective.


Buyers and Sellers of both often can come to an agreement about the purchase price and other terms and conditions involving a purchase and sale of real estate. They may decide that the services of a real estate broker are not necessary and that by obtaining the services of an experienced attorney, they can save 5% or 6% on the total transaction cost by not having to pay a realtor's commission.

The Law Offices of Rick Narvaiz has been representing both Buyers and Sellers in these "For Sale By Owner" transactions in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia with great success. The key to our success is excellence in communication skills, fairness to both Buyers and Sellers, and a keen understanding of the sale process, from initial negotiations through closing. Call 301-628-2066 to discuss your purchase or sale of commercial and residential property with Attorney Rick Narvaiz.


The Law Offices of Rick Narvaiz has successfully litigated many types of cases in the state and federal courts of Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia and he can help you determine whether you have valuable legal rights and how to enforce them in the courts.

Breach of Contract Disputes

Each contract is unique and each case in which one party breaches the agreement requires a detailed and careful analysis to determine what agreements and laws were violated (if any) and what the appropriate measure of damages will be. Mr. Narvaiz has decades of experience and expertise in winning difficult and complex breach-of-contract cases for his clients.

Quiet Title Lawsuits

There are situations in which someone may assert an ownership interest in a property that is owned by another. "Quiet Title" lawsuits are filed when a person (or corporate entity) makes such claims. Mr. Narvaiz has handled many such disputes for clients on both sides of the issues.

Fraud in Real Estate Transactions

An unsuspecting real estate investor may fall prey to an unscrupulous promoter and lose their investment on real estate development deals that are based on fraud or misrepresentation. Mr. Narvaiz has filed many lawsuits on behalf of investors or buyers of real estate for fraudulent conduct by others, with very positive outcomes in many cases.

Partition Lawsuits

The law does not require two or more persons who jointly own property to continue to own it, if one of the owners simply does not want to continue to be an owner. The co-owner who does not want to be an owner of property can file a lawsuit for "partition" and force the sale of the property (which many times results in the remaining owner(s) buying out their share).

You may ask yourself, "what's the advantage of working with a property lawyer near me?" The solution is straightforward -- our offices provide highly skilled and dedicated property law services in Kensington, MD and surrounding areas . Call us now to reserve for a free telephone consultation at (301) 628-2066.

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