Breach of Contract Disputes

Each contract is unique and each case in which one party breaches the agreement requires a detailed and careful analysis to determine what laws were violated (if any) and what the appropriate measure of damages will be. Mr. Narvaiz has decades of experience and expertise in winning difficult and complex breach-of-contract cases for his clients.

Fraud in Real Estate Transactions

An unsuspecting real estate investor may fall prey to an unscrupulous promoter and lose their investment on real estate development deals that are based on fraud or misrepresentation. Mr. Narvaiz has filed many lawsuits on behalf of investors or buyers of real estate for fraudulent conduct by others, with very positive outcomes in many cases.

Quiet Title Lawsuits

There are situations in which someone may assert an ownership interest in a property that is owned by another. "Quiet Title" lawsuits are filed when a person (or corporate entity) makes such claims. Mr. Narvaiz has handled many such disputes for clients on both sides of the issues.

Partition Lawsuits

The law does not require two or more persons who jointly own property to continue to own it, if one of the owners simply does not want to continue to be an owner. The co-owner who does not want to be an owner of property can file a lawsuit for "partition" and force the sale of the property (which many times results in the remaining owner(s) buying out their share).